Working Group on Interoperability and Portability


The aim of this working group is to discuss open standards and their implementation in projects that make use of OpenNebula clouds. Inter-project collaboration especially in the realm of support for open standards such as OCCI, CDMI and OVF, and development of standard APIs with interoperability among different ecosystem modules will be the focus of this working group.

The working group is made up of partners from both industry and academia. It has been created by the joint initiative of INRIA and UCM. INRIA is the coordinator of European project Contrail that leverages OpenNebula.



The following projects and organizations collaborate in this Working Group:


Ongoing efforts to implement cloud interoperability standards on OpenNebula:

Relevant Sites and Documents


General communication is performed through a mailing list. The working group efforts are currently being coordinated by Piyush Harsh (INRIA).

If you are interested in being part in the OpenNebula interoperability effort, you can subscribe to the working group's mailing list.



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