Hyper-V Drivers
Hyper-V Drivers
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Drivers to manage Hyper-V hosts
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Hyper-V, driver
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The Hyper-V Drivers enable the management of an OpenNebula cloud based on the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. It works in the same fashion as with other hypervisors by leveraging their deployment in the cloud hosts. The HyperV-based cloud infrastructure can be used and managed with the OpenNebula CLI, the Sunstone or Self-service web interfaces, or any of the supported cloud interfaces (AWS EC2 or OGF OCCI).

Acknowledgments: These new components have been developed with the support of Microsoft. We also want to give thanks to VrStorm for trying the driver while it was in development.

Release Notes 3.2.0

March 15th, 2012. This release has these additions on top of the previous releases:

  • Direct connection to Windows Servers without using a Proxy machine
  • Fix MAC address configuration and improve CDROM contextualization mechanism
  • Support SCSI hard disks. SCSI hardware emulation is not supported by Hyper-V so IDE must be used to boot the machine. To make use of this SCSI devices the guest operating system must have Hyper-V drivers.

The drivers enable OpenNebula to perform basic VM lifecycle management (create, monitor, shutdown) and do not support VLAN tagging.

Release Notes 3.1.80 Beta2

February 23rd, 2012. The main aim of this new release is to enhance the stability, performance and scalability of the drivers and to simplify its deployment by leveraging technologies available in Windows environments. This release also updates the drivers to work with the latest stable version of OpenNebula (3.2).

This release has improved the way the drivers communicate with windows machines, changing it from ssh to winrm. This new feature makes the installation and configuration much easier as this service is already integrated in Windows Server 2008. Other benefits from this change are:

  • Faster communication. This service is more lightweight than the ssh server and moreover it does not make use of the POSIX layer that comes with most of the ssh server implementations.
  • Error detection. Winrm provides more error information than the ssh method, and this is reported by the driver.

Release Notes 2.9.82 Beta1

October 20th, 2011. This is still an early release (prototype) of the drivers that is not suitable for production environments. This release is not considered feature complete and will be also further stabilized with fixes for important and critical bugs. There may be some gaps in the documentation that will be filled by the final release.

The OpenNebula team appreciates your feedback on the functionality, stability and performance of the drivers. Please use the ecosystem mailing list for any communication.



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