Contrail VEP
Contrail VEP
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Allows deployment and management of OVF applications on OpenNebula clouds. Users can manage application submission through a simple yet functional web-interface.
opennebula version:
2.2.1 and 3.4.1
Piyush Harsh, INRIA
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deployment, applications, ovf
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VEP allows deployment of applications described in an OVF file over OpenNebula clouds (among many other things). VEP supports 2.2.1 as well as the latest 3.4.1 OpenNebula clouds.

We support standard OVFs without need for any non-standard extensions, the VM contextualization parameters and network elements have to be specified in the OVF in a specific manner which we will document in great details once the Contrail VEP community page is assigned for that purpose.

It provides a simple yet feature complete REST api to enable ease of development by any cloud application developer using OpenNebula.


Using VEP, an OpenNebula cloud administrator can provide its users with a way to deploye applications described on in an OVF file. OVF is a DMTF standard which is an open standard supported by several companies. VEP provides a RESTful interface for easy integration with other cloud services.

Summary of the key features

* Standard OVF application support

* Simple yet powerful RESTful API

* Advance Resource Reservation Capability

* Support for Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

* Comprehensive and multi-layered access control mechanism

* Easy to use web interface for end-users for application life cycle management

* Application's elasticity management via REST API

* Support for multiple cloud technologies (currently OpenNebula 2.2 and 3.4 clouds are supported)

* DMTF upcoming CIMI standard compatible REST interface

The features shown in italics are planned for inclusion in the future releases of the software.


VEP can be executed on any host as long as it has access to OpenNebula's XMLRPC interface. VEP is not required to be co-located with the OpenNebula front-end. In fact, it is recommended that VEP is run on a machine other than the front-end.

A full installation guide can be found on the VEP website at InriaForge:

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