OpenNebula Ecosystem

The OpenNebula Ecosystem is formed by external tools and extensions that complement the functionality provided by the OpenNebula Cloud Management Platform. In addition, the ecosystems built around the cloud interfaces implemented by OpenNebula, Amazon AWS and OGC OCCI, can also be leveraged.

Ecosystem Coordination

The Ecosystem Catalog is coordinated through the OpenNebula developers mailing lists. The OpenNebula site provides information about how to submit a new component.

Ecosystem Catalog

The OpenNebula project does not endorse or recommend any products listed, and cannot vouch for the quality or reliability of any of them.

ComponentDescriptionTypeOpenNebula VersionAuthorOrganization
Carina Environment ManagerSystem to automatically deploy, scale and manage the availability of multi-VM application clusters according to policies such as time of day, load-based, service priority, failure events, or custom metrics.Tool3.0 and 3.6Khalid Ahmed, Research In Motionorganization: rim.png }}
Chef RecipesTool for deployment and management of an OpenNebula clustertool1.4Keith Hudginsorganization: cloudscaling.png }}
ClaudiaAdvanced service management toolkit to dynamically control service provisioning and scalabilitytool1.4Telefonica I+Dorganization: tid.png }}
CLUESCLUES is an energy management system for HPC Clusters and Cloud infrastructures. It powers off internal nodes when they are not used, and powers them on when they are needed.Extension2.2, 3.0, 3.2Grupo de Grid y Computación de Altas Prestaciones - Instituto I3M - Universidad Politécnica de Valenciaorganization: logo_upv.png }}
Contrail VEPAllows deployment and management of OVF applications on OpenNebula clouds. Users can manage application submission through a simple yet functional web-interface.tool2.2.1 and 3.4.1Piyush Harsh, INRIAorganization: logo_inria2.png
CXM DriversThese TM and VMM drivers allow the use of cLVM datastores on a pool of XEN hypervisors. It also brings high-availability and load-balancing to the hosted VM using the Clustered Xen Manager (CXM) stack.plugin3.6 and 3.8Nicolas AGIUS
Dynamic Cloud Resource Management ComponentThis tool is a Nagios component that provides an environment to manage resources of a Cloud infrastructure dynamically. The component implements an algorithm using the Nagios notification and event handler process.toolOpenNebula 3.2.1Miguel Morillo Iruela, María Blanca Caminero Herráez, María Carmen Carrión Espinosaorganization: logo-uclm-bis.gif }}
Deltacloud DriverDeltacloud driver to access OpenNebula clouds using the OGF OCCI API.tool1.4Daniel Molinaorganization: dsa-logo.jpg}}
Green Cloud SchedulerGreen Cloud Scheduler consolidates the virtual machines in the cloud such that as few servers as possible are used to run the current workload while the unused servers are shut down.Extension3.x (tested on 3.0)Distributed Systems Research Laboratory of the Technical University of Cluj-Napocaorganization: logo_utcn.jpg
HaizeaHaizea is an open-source virtual machine-based lease management architectureextension1.4Borja Sotomayororganization: university_chicago.png }}
Hyper-V DriversDrivers to manage Hyper-V hostsplugin3.2Javier Fontanorganization: dsa-logo.jpg}}
Libcloud DriverLibcloud driver to access OpenNebula clouds using the OGF OCCI APItool1.4, 3.0Daniel Molina and Hutson Bettsorganization: dsa-logo.jpg}}
Management ConsoleThis project will deliver a clean web interface for opennebula.tool1.4Jeroen Nijhoforganization: sara.png }}
TM MooseFSA new transfer manager for using MooseFS as backend storageExtension2.xGiovanni Toraldoorganization: libersoft.jpg }}
OCCI for OpenNebulaPlugin for OpenNebula to support the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI)plugin2.2Florian Feldhaus, Piotr Kasprzak, Hayati Biceorganization: gwdg.png }}
OpenVZ DriversSet of drivers that allows you to use OpenVZ as a hypervisor in OpenNebulaplugin3.4Dariusz Chrząścik, Marta Ryłko, Radosław Morytko, Supervision: D.Eng. Marcin Jarząborganization: agh.jpg }}
onenoxOnenox is an extension of the openflow controller NOX so that it can be called directly by the econe server of opennebula. Advanced network services can be enabled by onenox by pushing new rules set onto the openvswitch of a cloud infrastructure. Onenox is used to implement the well known Amazon services Elastic IP and security groups. Elastic IP support will be release in one 3.4Plugin3.4 and aboveGreg Stabler, Sebastien Goasguen, Clemson Universityorganization: clemson.png }}
OPTIMIS Toolkitschedule and automate the delivery of workloads to the most suitable venuestool3.8.1OPTIMIS PROJECT http://optimis-project.euorganization: optimis.jpg
OVF4ONEThis software is a Java implementation of OCCI according to GFD.184 using OVF messages and OpenNebula as back end.Technically speaking, VENUS-C.Interoperable Toolkit is an OCCI to OCA gateway, translating RESTful calls to the OCCI methods into OCA RESTful calls and the OVF XML message is translated into OpenNebula VM templates.This project has been realised as part of Venus-C EU project.Tool2.0, 2.2, 3.4Gian Uberto Lauriorganization: engineering.png }}
Python OCA BindingsPython bindings for OpenNebula's XMLRPC methodstool2.0Łukasz Oleś
scp-wavePython script for distributing files over a clustertoolAllBrian Bauer, Michael Fenn and Sebastien Goasguenorganization: clemson.png }}
SNMP Information DriverThis driver allows Opennebula to use SNMP to monitor host nodes rather than the default SSH, it was based on the ONE ssh driver.extension1.4+Neil Mooneyorganization: sara.gif }}
KVM SR-IOV VMM Driver for InfinibandA VMM driver to enable Infiniband in VMs through SR-IOV. SR-IOV capable HCAs and OFEDs are required to enable Infiniband VFs. The driver is also compatible with Ethernet VFs.VMM Driver3.x, 4.2David Macleodorganization: chpc.png }}
StudiCloudbackend-proxy for using Shibbolethextension2.0.1Cloud Research Lab, Furtwangen Universityorganization: hfu.png }}
SVMSchedSVMSched is a VM orchestrator enabling to set up on-demand- SaaS and PaaS clouds. Relying on OpenNebula, it allows to schedule requests through "Smart Virtual Machines" that allow to configure execution environments automatically.tool1.4.x, 2.xRodrigue Chakodeorganization: logo_INRIA.png }}
VCTVCT (Virtual Cluster Tool) is a wrapper and a set of modified drivers for OpenNebula which adds support for atomic virtual cluster management with versioning and multiple transport protocols.plugin1.4VIDA (VIrtual Deployment Architecture)organization: csr4.jpg }}
Virtual ClusterThe IS4AC Virtual Cluster Plugin for OpenNebula allows users to deploy and manage virtual cluster directly from Sunstone GUI, with easy steps and standard OpenNebula interfaces.Tool4.0.1 and 4.2.0IS4AC @ ISMBorganization: ismb.png }}
VirtualBoxVirtualBox driver for the OpenNebula toolkitplugin3.8Hector Sanjuan, Pablo Donaire, David Rodriguezorganization: dsa-logo.jpg}}
Xen Cloud Platform DriversDrivers to manage XCP hostsplugin2.2C12G Labsorganization: c12g-labs-2.png }}
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