How to Interact with OpenNebula Using Deltacloud


Deltacloud defines a web service API for interacting with cloud service providers and resources in those clouds in a unified manner.


You can also test it using the OpenNebula Public Cloud. Request an account and set the OCCI endpoint

  • Deltacloud installed. Currently, the OpenNebula 3.x support is included in the Deltacloud development branch, so if you want to test it you will have to use the latest code from the repo:

$ git clone git://

Add default network configuration

Create a new network for the Deltacloud users:

$ onenvet create deltacloud_net.template
ID: 1
$ onevnet list
   0 oneadmin oneadmin Blue LAN             F   vbr1       0
   1 oneadmin oneadmin Deltacloud LAN       R   vbr0       0

Currently network cannot be specified through Deltacloud, so it has to be included in the different instance types. Edit the OCCI ERB template files in order to include this network by default.

$ cat /etc/one/occi_templates/small.erb
CPU    = 1
MEMORY = 1024

NIC = [ NETWORK_ID = 1 ]

Starting Deltacloud

The OCCI endpoint must be defined using the OCCI_URL env variable

$ export OCCI_URL=
$ deltacloudd -i opennebula -r
Starting Deltacloud API :: opennebula ::

Using Deltacloud

  • Open a new browser and go to the url where your Deltacloud server is deployed

  • You can also use the client included in Deltacloud

$ deltacloudc images index -u 
0          | Ubuntu 11.04         | x86_64 | OS                   |        oneadmin
1          | CentOS-5.5-64-pristi | x86_64 | OS                   |        oneadmin
2          | Test image           |        | DATABLOCK            |        oneadmin

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